Australia is Ever a Big Attraction – Higher Studies in Australia

Australia is at present the third most popular destination for international students when considered on the basis of cultural diversity, friendly natives and high quality of education. I t is consistently ranked in the word’s top ten most livable countries.

Higher Studies in Australia

Note the following peculiarities about Australia.

  • Blessed with natural wonders
  • More than seventeen world heritage listed sites
  • Broad mix of over 200cultures
  • Speaking more than 260 languages
  • Large variety of foods

Higher Studies in AustraliaAustralia is the 4th happiest country in the world. It is a country much notable for its economic stability. Till now Australia has experienced more than 20 years of continued economic growth, having very well weathered the 2008 global financial crisis better than most advanced economies. Being the biggest island in the world, Australia is also the sixth biggest country in the world in land area.

It is not without its reasons that Australia has ever got to be proud of a vibrant international student community.

Higher Studies in Australia

  • Australian qualifications are recognized by employers and leading educational institutions in many countries across the globe
  • Australian institutions offer a wide variety of courses
  • Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world.
  • 22000 courses across 1100 institutions
  • Australian government spends $250 million dollars a year in scholarships, grants and other financial aids that are specially set aside for international students
  • It is very easy to find internships and apprenticeships related to your field of study.
  • Of the thirty best student cities in the world, five are in Australia
  • Australia concentrates on excellence in all areas of education
  • A good number of institutions offer industry oriented courses and scholarship opportunities.
  • Married students can take their spouses with full time work right
  • Australia offers a multicultural safe milieu.

Master of Nursing Science

Dear Nurses,

  • La Trobe University has very good offers for you. It offers Master of Nursing Courses which is a fully online course. You can study with a leader in nursing education alongside your other commitments.

The great advantage is that you could very well develop advanced knowledge of nursing research together with the educational or leadership and management skills by which you can make a positive impact on your work environment and the health of your community.

Complete course work 20 months

Credit points: 180

  • La Trobe University is an Australian multi campus public research university whose flagship campus, the largest metropolitan campus in the country, is located in Bundoora , Victoria.

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