Bachelor of Nursing from North Tec, NZ

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing from North Tec

Bachelor of Nursing is a comprehensive programme which combines theory and clinical experience. The curriculum challenges you to go beyond traditional health and illness care to focus on creating a supportive environment for health and wellbeing. The programme blends online learning with classroom teaching and prepares graduates for entry onto the Nursing Council of New Zealand Register of Nurses.

E-learning, technology, and practical experience

Our nursing education blends online learning with classroom teaching – allowing students to study largely off-campus – making it ideal for people with commitments that prevent them from moving away from their home towns. The combination of e-learning, cutting edge technology, and the varied range of nursing experience to be gained here in Northland is quite unique.

Bachelor of Nursing Clinical Experience

Students will be required to attend clinical placements throughout the Bachelor of Nursing programme. These placements may occur anywhere in the Northland region. The student will be responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses incurred when undertaking a clinical placement outside of their home locality. The Nursing Council of New Zealand requires each student to complete a minimum of 1100 clinical hours in a variety of clinical placements prior to completion of the programme.

Bachelor of Nursing – Programme aim

The key aim of this programme is to produce competent nurses suitable for registration as Registered Nurses following successful achievement of the NCNZ state final Examination. The programme has been designed to prepare a nurse who can practice at a beginning level in a variety of clinical settings and meet NCNZ competencies for entry to the Register of Registered Nurses.

The Bachelor of Nursing is a progressive sequence of six semesters of study, totalling three years for a full-time student. Students wishing to study part-time should discuss with the nursing programme leader. There is a Nursing Council requirement for you to complete your degree within five years.
bachelor of nursing

How you will learn

This programme is a blend of e-learning and classroom teaching, enhanced by leading-edge technology, which enables the student to study off-campus for much of the course. All classes, with the exception of clinical placements, are delivered onsite and/or online. All students are required to attend onsite learning activities at NorthTec’s Raumaunga Campus, at specified times throughout the programme. These times will be blocked to minimize time away from home and travel for regional students.

  • This method of learning is designed to provide the student with the greatest flexibility possible in terms of time and place.  Course content that would normally be delivered by a lecturer in a classroom is now accessed through the internet at home.  There are weekly requirements for each course and the student can decide what time of day or how many hours they spend online.
  • 50% of every New Zealand nursing program must be hands-on. Which means experience in a clinical setting with real patients, so not all of your learning can be accomplished online

Please note that you will be expected to travel out of your home area for some of this hands-on, practical experience.  You will be expected to bear the cost of transportation and accommodation during these times. Students will be required to attend clinical placements anywhere within the Northland area. This area includes, but not restricted to:  Waipu/Ruakaka, Whangarei, Dargaville, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Kaikohe, Rawene and Kaitaia.

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