Jubeerich World Education Fair Edu Expo’16

Jubeerich Logo-only-500pxJubeerich World Education Fair Edu Expo’16 is a lot more than an Education Fair in Cochin. It is an event where Universities and Educational Institutions from many countries come to directly meet the pre-qualified students for their course, institution and country selection. The major thrust is to meet students interested in gaining admission into the current or up-coming intakes; though in some circumstances University delegates may talk to students for the following year's intakes.

The choices available to the Indian students today are vast. Universities and Institutions from all over the world are actively seeking Indian students; from countries including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, Ukraine, Europe and Malaysia.

It is well known that most Indian students and parents seldom focus on one country as their choice. Besides, there are always visa issues. For instance, if a visa for one country is refused, they have fall back options in other Countries.

Up until now, students and parents have had to visit many 'single country' Education Fairs . But here So many country options are available. Each has dozens of Universities who set up stalls. Each of them has lots of options to offer to the students. But almost always, due to crowds, detailed conversations with students to assess the best options; given their goals, career plans, academic or financial constraints, if any, doesn’t happen.

WorldEdufair 500pxJubeerich World Education Fair Edu Expo’16 changes all that, In line with the time honoured tradition of Jubeerich. Under one roof, at the Jubeerich World Education Fair Edu Expo’16 students and parents benefit from the opportunity to meet with Institutions from different countries that form their 'choice matrix'. Most of the Fair attending students would have already met with the highly trained 'Jubeerich' Counsellors at the office and have had a detailed discussion on their suitability of the Country, Course and Institution; and have completed applications for the Institutions of their choice. Students visiting the Fair for the first time are met by the same qualified Counsellors, who have detailed discussions, clarify their issues, provide assistance in completing their application forms, and facilitate their meeting with the admissions teams of the institutions of their choice.

This ensures that no inconvenience is caused either to the student or to the institution’s delegates and the job gets done. At Jubeerich , the job always gets done!

kochi-5Jubeerich Education Fair Edu Expo’16Cochin's leading International Education Fair, is an exciting event where a number of seminars are held on a variety of topics related to the exercise of planning and executing your further education within a global framework. The choices are immense, the opportunities abound, but each student and his goals, ambitions, academic achievement, financial parameters are different. This merits serious thinking in a lateral framework and we understand this.


This Overseas Education Fair, Edu Expo ’16 will surely be a golden opportunity for the students who are serious in pursuing their studies abroad.  Needless to say that Missing this great and rare opportunity would definitely be an irreparable loss, and hence this mail .

40 + universities from 10 + countries

We would be greatly delighted and honored in your valuable presence at Edu Expo ’16.



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