The U K Offers a Temptation Unparalleled for Umpteen Reasons! – UK for higher education

Students who aspire to more over to the UK for higher education, and want to join a professional organization in an English speaking country must be very careful to apply to those institutions listed as Highly Trusted Sponsors (H.T.S)

UK for higher education

Everything about Britain has a royal touch. Getting educated in Britain, therefore, is something held in high esteem everywhere in the world.  You will feel the liberal world-view gained through British education widening your horizons of knowledge, and setting you afloat amidst an ocean of opportunities and openings into any part of this vast universe. It imparts an inspiration to develop your knowledge as well as creativity. The qualifications obtained from the UK are respected by employers and academics world-wide. Only those students who meet the strict quality standards set by the UK government and education bodies shall be accepted by the UK

You will come across below a few facts which will explain why UK education is prized high everywhere.

UK for higher education

  • Four of the top eight universities in the world are in the UK
  • As to the university – industry collaboration, the UK ranks among the top five in the world as per the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2014-15
  • Student satisfaction in the UK is amazingly high
  • The UK  is a world leading research nation
  • Regarding the quality of its scientific and research institutions, the UK ranks second in the world
  • High quality teaching is a unique feature of the UK institution
  • The UK universities and research institutions have produced 107 Nobel Prize winners
  • International students studying in the UK institutions may take part – time or vacation work without gaining permission from the  local job centre
  • Encourages relevant skills earnestly sought after by top companies.
  • Free health insurance for students who pursue courses of six months’ duration or more
  • Flexible and shorter duration courses are available.

UK education can offer you much, whether it be for academic qualification or professional experience.

Find out the top institutions. Aspects such as student satisfaction, career prospects, cost of living, teaching standards and exam results are to be taken in to consideration before you select an institution and course.

Be daring! See what a UK education can make of you!

Major intakes – September and October

20 hours per week part time work

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