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Australia offers a truly World-Class Education and Regularly Features in Global Rankings. Its Quality of Education, Variety of Courses to choose from, and post- study work opportunities make it one of the most desirable destinations for International students.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Australia

G8 Universities

Unlimited work right during studies*

Extended post study work right upto 6 years

Paid internships and Attractive Scholarships

PR possibilities

Pay 1 semester fee only

IELTS 6.0,5.5 accepted*

High visa success rate


About Australia

Australia is one of the popular destinations for international students because of its Top Ranked Universities,high quality education,acclaimed education system and high standard of living. Students graduating from Australia are able to get lucrative career placements and ready acceptance in most of the universities for further higher studies. English as the major language of conversation, moderate tuition fees and living costs, and excellent weather conditions are some of the major attractions which pull international students to this country and making Australia as one of the top “study abroad destinations” for Indian students as well.

Our Partnering Institutes in Australia

Courses in Demand

Courses in Demand

Accounting and Finance

Information Technology


Business Administration


Hospitality and Tourism

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Study in Australia.

1. What is the current part time work right for students studying in Australia?

Until 30 June 2023, all ongoing students as well as new student arrivals and secondary applicants are able to work more than 40 hours a fortnight in any sector of the economy and work before their​ course of study commences.

2. Which all courses are eligible for stay back in Australia?

Bachelors, Masters and PhD

3. Is there any deadline date to submit student visa application?

There is no limit to when you can submit your student visa application. It is recommended that you lodge a complete application at least six weeks before your course commences.

4. Is cost of living high in Australia??

Australia’s cost of living is high, however, despite being expensive, the minimum wage is also high, which balances the life style.

5. Is there any entrance test to apply for Australian Universities?

No, there is no specific test. You can directly apply to the University.

6. How can I apply for scholarships?

Most institutions in Australia offer scholarships and many of these are available to prospective international students. Information regarding scholarship availability and requirements, is available in the University websites.

7. What is the Health Insurance cover offered by Australian Universities?

Overseas Student Health Cover is an unique health insurance plan for international students in Australia (OSHC). OSHC is meant to assist overseas students in covering the costs of medical care while in Australia.

8. Which are the regional areas in Australia?

Most locations of Australia outside major cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) are classed as designated regional areas for migration purposes.

9. What would be the approximate tuition fee for Bachelors and Masters course ?

Tuition fee vary from each University from 23000 AUD to 50000 AUD approx

10. How long will it take to get a visa approved?

We have had cases were the visa has been approved within 3 minutes, and some have taken up to 3 months.As per the Immigration 75% of applications get processed  in 3 Months

Major Cities In Australia