International students are the perfect candidates to become Canadian citizens

“If I were asked what is the stupidest part of [Bill] C-24, I would say revoking the 50% credit for international students,” said John McCallum, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, in a speech announcing the u-turn.

“Because international students are the perfect candidates to become Canadian citizens and we are seeking them out as are other countries around the world.”

“And so it makes no sense for Canada to punch them in the nose by taking away their 50% credit rather than nurturing them and seeking to welcome them into our midst,” he explained.

Canada’s newly elected liberal government has announced changes to the country’s path to citizenship which will reduce stay requirements and allow international students to count study time towards residency petitions.

The Canadian Government has introduced legislation to reduce the period of physical residency required to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Changes such as this will further boost Canada’s image as an open and welcoming country for international students”

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