Located between the UK and Germany in the Western Europe on the North sea, the Netherlands perhaps combines some of the advantages of both these countries.

‘Nederland’ is simply the Dutch name for Holland literally known as one of the three low countries – (the word ‘nether’ means ‘lower’)-the other two bring Belgium and Luxemburg. The name Holland strictly applies only to the Western coastal provinces of the country. The capital is Amsterdam The official language is Dutch, but the majority of Amsterdam’s residents speak English well and are even fluent in one or two other languages on top of that.

In Amsterdam you can very well manage without a word of Dutch. But if you learn  a few select words or expressions that will definitely   go a long way with the locals.

Kindly note the following phrases.

Do you speak English?          – Spreekt u Engels?

Good morning                         – Goedemorgen

Good evening                          – Goedemiddag

Good bye                                 – Dag or doci (pronounced as ‘doowee’)

Excuse me                               – Pardon

Thank you                                – dank u

Please                                – Alstublieft (pronounced as alstu-bleeft)

Yes                                           – ja (pronounced as ‘yah’)

No                                            – Nee (pronounced as ‘nay’)

It was in 1948  that Netherlands formed the Benelux Customs Union with Belgium and Luxemburg, becoming a founder member of the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1957. Ever since then the progress achieved by this country in various fields really deserves mention.

Holambra-6Along with the other reasons noted below, the efficiency and excellence achieved by the nation in the field of education are capable of attracting foreign students in large numbers .

  • High quality education at low fee
  • Affordable living expenses
  • University scholarship available for international students.
  • Academic research associated with university education.
  • Degrees recognized world wide
  • Multicultural environment and great travel opportunities
  • Students can work up to ten hours per week all through the year of study or full time seasonal work in June, July and August

The intakes are for Feb and Sept.

The minimum wage rate is 1501.80 EURO per month

One year Job search visa after graduation to be specially applied for.


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