Engineering technology is the practical application of science and engineering to a wide range of real world problems. Graduates of engineering technology and engineering programs complement each other in skills and interests. Technologists work with technicians, engineers and scientists to form technological teams that produce an ever-increasing rate of technological advancement.Engineering graduates apply scientific, theoretic, and economic knowledge to research, invent, design, and build structures, devices, and systems, making for a broad discipline that encompasses specialized fields of engineering.Engineering technology graduates develop, design, and implement engineering and technology solutions, typically pursuing engineering careers in manufacturing firms on design, construction, and product improvement.

Engineering Technology


  • Theoretical and conceptual design learning style
  • Emphasis on developing new methods and designs for complex problems
  • Coursework includes multiple semesters of calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus-based physics courses
  • Application and implementation learning style
  • Emphasis on applying and implementing current practices to solve specific technical problems
  • Coursework includes multiple semesters of calculus, statistics, and algebra-based physics courses
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