Benefits of Study in US

For reasons of flexibility, variety of choice, culture, and resources, American education system continues to remain at the forefront of the undergraduate educational experience.

The main benefit of studying in the United States is the flexibility of the undergraduate curriculum offered by American universities. Students are encouraged and compelled to take a broad assortment of courses and are only required to declare their major at the end of their second year of studies.

Why study in US?

  •  A home to highest number of international students when compared to other countries
  • A country with highest-ranked universities in the world
  • On campus part time job opportunity with minimal wages.
    Leader in latest technologies with Industry based training and research.
  • Strong academic & social environment which fosters academic, professional and personal development of individuals.
  • US education system offers a kind of flexibility in terms of the courses that are offered, which enables students select their choice of subject from a variety of topics
  • Most universities  provide financial aid  in terms of  loans and stipends to cover their daily expenses as well as tuition in some cases
  • Quality education is imparted to students by an expertly trained faculty
  • Many opportunities to gain practical, career-related experience during  studies
  • USA universities offer a wide choice of academic, cultural and athletic activities

Major Intakes

Jan  & September

Job search and work rights

  • On campus part time upto 20 hours and full time during vacation and sheduled holidays
  • Eligible for 12 months optional paractical training(OPT)

General Facts

  • Capital : Washington D C
  • Largest City : New York City
  • Major cities : New York city,Los angeles, Chicago,Houston etc..
  • Currency : US Dollar
  • Population : 318.9 million
  • Official Lnguage : English
  • Goverment : Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • President : Donald Trump
  • International dialling code : +1
  • Minimum wage : 7.25 USD per hour
  • Unemployement : 5.1%
  • International Airports – Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International, Logan International, Baltimore/Washington International – BWI Airport

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