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Over 17,000 students are currently enrolled across the university’s three faculties: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences; and Health Sciences


TUS is one of thetop university in IRLAND At TUS, you can be part of ground-breaking research and innovation on topics that really matter to you and your generation.At TUS our focus is on applied learning and innovation whilst taking advantage of small class sizes and leveraging close industry ties, linking first-class education with excellent employment opportunities.The Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest is a public university in Ireland. It is a technological university, the third such one to be established in Ireland, and opened in October 2021.

In IRLAND as per Scientific Index 2023, the Technological University of the Shannon has a #3490 rank in Europe. As per Scientific Index 2023, the Technological University of the Shannon has a #40 rank

Faculty Areas
Undergraduate – CAO
International Students
Business, Hospitality & Humanities
Flexible and Professional Learning
Open Days
Engineering, Built Environment & Informatics
Student Finance


Shared values and proactive thinking
At TUS we have a clear focus on meeting the evolving needs of society and industry through applied learning and innovative thinking. By putting the individual needs of our students front-and-centre, we prioritise accessibility and opportunity for all. When we combine this student-first philosophy with next-generation thinking, we can help drive our region forward through education, research, and commercial collaboration.

Tus, also known as terminus utilization substance, is a protein that binds to terminator sequences and acts as a counter-helicase when it comes in contact with an advancing helicase. The bound Tus protein effectively halts DNA polymerase movement. Tus helps end DNA replication in prokaryotes.

By providing a healthy supply of high-quality graduates and an additional focal point for growth and innovation, we can help regional development take a big step forward. And for our nation, a technological university in the heart of Ireland adds a new dimension to education in our country, demonstrating a commitment to shared values like inclusivity, accessibility, and supportiveness.

Our continuous focus on partnership, innovation and staying agile shows we understand the importance of working with key stakeholders across industry and society. And with more than 15,000 students enrolling in hundreds of courses every year across four counties, our story has only just begun.

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