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From the day you consult us till the day you land in your dream university; we will support you all the way and by all means!

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How we support our Clients ?


Study Abroad Counselling

We have a fleet of trained, certified and experienced counsellors who are ever willing to give you a patient hearing and understanding. Every student is given individual and relevant guidance when it comes to career counselling, country selection, institution shortlist and course selection.

Course Advise

Selecting the right course, in the right country, at the right institution and that too in the relevant areas of your education can sometimes be tricky and time taking process.


University / College Application Processing

Students often find it very difficult to understand the process and procedures regarding the overseas education and application. Here at Jubeerich, we consider giving you the best support by carefully scrutinizing, sorting, correcting, every application prior to submission, error free.

Visa Application Assistance

When it comes to Visa Application, we consider it as the most vital and important part of your academic career and journey to your dream destination. You can relax, once all the documents are intact, verified, our centralized visa processing team with rigorous training and monitoring will proceed further.


Test Preparation Training

Each and every overseas destination, education institutions and universities have unique and specific academic requirements along with a set of entry criteria. We are always updated with the latest requirement and we can educate you on them, case by case. All universities stipulate certain set of standardized tests.

Scholarship Assistance

Searching for scholarships to study abroad can be challenging. We find active scholarships and grants, plus our expert advice, to help finance, your study abroad adventure! There are various options for scholarships.